TOWNHOUSE 211 can be found in the heart of Barrow town centre on Dalton road.

This modern restaurant/bar has the kind of aesthetic which would not be out of place in the trendiest districts of Manchester or London.

With an impressive bar which takes centre stage in the restaurant and the hanging lighting, it is clear that the owners have spent a lot of time and effort ensuring their vision of this modern bar came to light.

Townhouse 211 clearly strives to be at the forefront of nightlife in Barrow and this is shown in the way the restaurant/bar is presented but also in the quality of their food.

The staff are friendly and happy to assist and give recommendations on both food and drinks if necessary. The assistance is very much appreciated as they offer a range of meals as well as beers, wines and cocktails.

For a starter, I had the avocado and sourdough.

This was a smashed avocado mixed with line, tomato, fresh chilli and pumpkin seeds on toasted sourdough.

The avocado tasted fresh and creamy, the sauce was sharp and cut through the other flavours without being overpowering.

The different elements complemented each other well and the sourdough was crisp.

For my main course, I had the signature Townhouse.211 Burger.

This is a thick cut burger with mozzarella, streaky bacon and house-made relish, all served in a lightly toasted brioche bun. It is accompanied by a portion of chips and a salad.

The meal was presented on a specially carved piece of wood, rather that a plate, which I felt was a nice touch and very fitting within the modern aesthetic of the restaurant as a whole.

I was very impressed with the main meal. The burger was juicy and nicely cooked (nothing ruins a meal quite like chewy, overcooked, meat).

The bacon complemented the meal without making it too greasy and the relish tied everything together very well.

I would happily rank the Townhouse Burger amongst the best I’ve ever had.


Food 4, Service 4, Atmosphere 4, Value 4


Great quality food

Range of options for both food and drink

Friendly and attentive staff


The bar is slightly dark

The starter was quite large and could have been a main course.