FAKE news, the rise of social media and mistrust of the MSM, have all conspired to undermine journalism in recent years.

But on Trusted News Day, it is important to underscore just how vital it is that Barrow still has a committed and loyal local newspaper serving the community.

Fly-by night pretenders may come and go, but few businesses established in 1898 remain in operation 121 years later as The Mail does today.

We strive to serve the community on a daily basis and are the go-to place for what is happening on your doorstep.

It is vital that power is held to account, that uncomfortable questions are asked of those who lead us and that the town has a champion to bang the drum on its behalf.

Wrongdoing must be exposed, good causes deserve the benefit of publicity and local achievements must be recognised.

Do not underestimate how challenging times are on newspapers as society switches from being a generation of avid newspaper buyers to an army of online browsers.

But regardless of this, this newspaper continues to invest in its team, technology and resources to champion the area or ring the alarm bell when things go wrong. Be assured a hard-working team of locally-based reporters endeavours to bring you the most up-to-date news in-print and online.