WONDERFUL news that Morrisons are providing paper bags for vegetables/loose produce.

If I buy a loaf of bread, I take the plastic bag to Morrisons and put the loose produce in.

Today I went to Aldi. I needed some jacket potatoes but forgot to take my loaf’s empty plastic bag. I put the four potatoes in my trolley, alongside the tins of beans, bottle of bleach, cottage cheese tubs etc.

Got home, washed two potatoes, cooked them and I now live to tell the tale – all without using another plastic bag or even a paper bag. I hope the recipients of the Morrisons paper bags don’t just throw them into their green bins after one use. Recycle them.

Rita Robertshaw, via email

What a mess we are in

THE result of the local elections has finally brought home to the Conservatives and Labour just what a terrible mess they have made of Brexit.

For, as expected, voters used them to demonstrate their anger and disappointment.

Now these politicians are desperately trying to come to a compromise.

But this has nothing to do with delivering Brexit, as voted for in the Referendum, but just to avoid facing EU elections, at which they know they would be be marmalised.

Their attitude, quite frankly, stinks.

Paul Nuttall, North West MEP (Brexit Party).