A SPATE of vandalism and burglaries across Barrow allotments is being investigated by police.

Peter Rutter, owner of an allotment at the Jef Fullard Allotments on Barrow Island, said he was ‘heartbroken’ to find two allotments next to his had been ‘mindlessly’ damaged by vandals across two consecutive nights.

On both Saturday and Sunday night vandals broke into two allotments smashing two greenhouses with a wooden stick and metal bar.

“It is heartbreaking to be honest”, said Mr Rutter, 41.

“We often leave our doors open to prove that there is nothing to be stolen and they still do this.

“It’s shocking.

"We have enough setbacks from nature and now this.

"It feels like a real kick in the teeth.”

Allotment owners on Walney have also expressed their concern as they too were targeted by vandals and thieves.

Amanda Buttress, 27, had her caravan broken into on her allotment based in Melampus Street.

“It’s the second time my allotment has been targeted," she said.

“I got the allotment to help with my anxiety.

"So to see someone has been in there and trespassed as well as vandalised is really upsetting.

“I was talking to another fellow allotment holder who said someone else’s allotment in the same area had been vandalised.

"They had their chicken shed smashed in and the chickens were let out.

“A petrol can had also been moved as well as a box of matches - it looks like they possibly wanted to start a fire.”

An investigation is under way into this incident which is believed to have occurred between 5.30pm on May 6 and 10.30am on May 11.

Anyone with information should contact Barrow Police on 101.

North Walney councillor Melvyn Worth said: “I would encourage anyone in those areas to keep their eyes open for anything suspicious and to report anything to the police.

"Such things can be frightening and unnerving particularly if a petrol can and matches are found.”