OUR Government should be ashamed of themselves in their betrayal of the men and women born in the 1950s.

Their working lives have been extended without due notice.

This is causing real misery and hardships financially, physically and mentally.

The changes to the state pension’s retirement ages have been quietly rushed through with people left without time and resources to cope.

Through access to Freedom of Information, it has been found these changes were made because of the Governments robbery of the state pension funds to bail out bankers when mismanagement caused banks to collapse.

People’s pension contributions and employers contributions were paid trustingly over their working lives into the scheme that promised/assured women and men to retire at 60 and 65 respectively.

Now, with no written notice, at 62 I find my state pension will not be paid until I am 66 and my husband at 65 will have to wait a further nine months.

Recent adverts by the Government to highlight these changes are too little, too late.

It is cruel, unjust and the money should be paid back, it wasn’t theirs to take.

Roll on the judicial review in court in London on June 5 and 6 when all the Government’s shenanigans will be revealed.

Carol Whitby, via email