ULVERSTON Outsiders returns to the stage tonight with a deadly and ingenious dose of Agatha Christie.

Running at the Coronation Hall until Saturday (May 11), And Then There Were None tells of eight strangers who are invited to Soldier Island by the elusive Mr and Mrs U N Owen.

On arrival, the guests are met by the mysterious butler and housekeeper, Mr and Mrs Rogers, with assurances that the hosts will be arriving the next day.

That evening, a seemingly disembodied voice accuses each of the ten strangers of a specific murder. Shortly afterwards, one guest chokes to death in front of everyone. The question is was it an accident or something more sinister?

In true Agatha Christie bewildering style, events take a turn for the worst and as the hours tick by there's no help from the mainland and the death toll is rising. Soon, the survivors realise that each death is being orchestrated to match a mysterious rhyme that is framed above the mantelpiece.

Directed by Duncan Lindsay, assisted by Daniel Fielding, the excellent cast includes Adam Atkinson as Philip Lombard; Claire Boulter playing Vera Claythorne; James Beech in the role of Inspector Blore; Chris Barron takes the part of Dr Armstrong; Jenny Schofield is Emily Brent with Sue Little playing Mrs Rogers. Barbara Springthorpe is in the spotlight as Judge Wargrave; Pat Timewell is Rogers; Phil Cooper, General Mackenzie; Matt Berry, Anthony Marston; and Richard Harris is boatman, Fred Narracott.

Performances start at 7.30pm.

Box office 01229-587140 or at www.corohall.co.uk/and-then-there-were-none/.