CHILDREN are being given the chance to learn more about veganism at after-school classes.

Newbarns Primary School's deputy head teacher Fiona Wilson hosts the hour-long plant-based classes taking four Year 6 pupils through four-week classes - discussing all things vegan and how it extends beyond diet.

Ms Wilson teaches the children how to cook simple sweet and savoury dishes which can be made at home with parents such as soup, spaghetti bolognese, pancakes or brownies - all made without the use of palm oil.

She said: “Children follow the recipe and take a copy home along with the food they have made, which the children can introduce to their parents.

“All the recipes are simple enough for 10-11-year olds to do.

“As well as learning to cook plant-based foods, I introduce the pupils to veganism as a lifestyle.”

Ms Wilson discusses environmental degradation causes, the leather trade, animal exploitation in zoos and circuses, and animal experimentation within the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

“I have had very positive feedback from parents, some of whom themselves are vegan," she said.

Ms Wilson, who has been vegan for over three years, was motivated to start up the after-school culinary classes after she decided the best way to tackle obesity and animal cruelty was through education of diet.

“I want to educate these children about the truth of what they’re eating so they can in turn educate their parents,” she said.

“One girl said her dad claimed protein only comes from meat, which is not true, while another father did not know that a cow had to have a calf in order to produce milk.”

Going forward, Ms Wilson is looking to raise money for local charities after her pupils suggested inviting parents into the school within the next couple of months for a crash course on veganism.

Ms Wilson said: “The children will make all the food and deliver an in-depth presentation on the topic, and on their chosen charities, Team Emily and St Mary’s Hospice.”