MILLOM is being considered as a possible location for Sellafield’s new office accommodation.

This news comes after the company, which is based in Seascale, looks to extend its operation throughout southern Cumbria.

If chosen, Millom could see an influx of approximately 250 jobs come to the area, which has been described as a potential ‘economic boost’ to the town.

Copeland MP Trudy Harrison said: “I have been an advocate for the Millom area to accommodate workers of the Sellafield site for a long time.

“I am very pleased it is being considered as a possible location.

“20 per cent of workers travel to the nuclear plant from south Cumbria so this location would make sense and has a regular train service.

“Having worked in Millom myself, I know the added benefits include a wonderfully warm and welcoming community and convenient shops and services.”

A Sellafield spokesman said: “We have a long-term strategy to transfer as many people as possible from the Sellafield site into office accommodation in neighbouring towns. This will free up space for vital decommissioning work as well as improving traffic flow, while providing an economic boost to the community.

“Millom is one possible locations and we’ll be working closely with stakeholders to develop our plans.”

This project comes after the nuclear fuel reprocessing firm opened its Whitehaven offices in 2014.

The Whitehaven office, which is based on Albion Square, houses around 1,000 staff.

Sellafield’s 2014 operation was the first part to the company’s long-term strategy to move people off the Sellafield site and into neighbouring towns.

As well as improving traffic flow and providing valuable jobs to the Millom area, the project could also lead a decrease of carbon emissions with Sellafield’s increase in nuclear capabilities.

Speaking in parliament, Mrs Harrison said: “Nuclear is the most game-changing, transformative way to tackle climate change through significant reduction of carbon emissions.

“It is safe, unparalleled and efficient technology.”