Amy Diane Richardson My mam use to get her car washed here till it got took over by new people. She doesn't go there any more cause she says they don't do good job.

Dawn Brown Amy Diane Richardson your right I went Monday. When I got home my daughter pointed out my alloys were dirty. Lol

Lesley Pattinson I’ve stopped going there for the same reason

Danielle Louise Watson He stated he got a free valet 4 it yesterday

Hannah Fenwick Danielle Louise Watson free £30 valet, one tyre still costs more than that xD

Danielle Louise Watson Hannah Fenwick yeh fair dos but he seemed happy x

Simon Kidson Maybe he asked for the rinse and spin option?

Phil Chesworth Ferris Bueller's day off springs to mind

Maureen Balding Well that wont do the business any good how many times have they done it or similar and not caught x

Christine Johnson Driver asked not to be named? All over fb yesterday

Paula Herbert Totally wrong to do that to someone else’s car. No matter how nice she thought it was! She could have lost control or anything in that few seconds she was behind the wheel. Then a FREE valet would be worthless wouldn’t it. Now I know why I do my own car !!!

Nikki Macdonald Yea it was free but that's not the point its not exactly professional what sort of behaviour is that? It's not an excuse to get into someone else's car - the young person is lucky they didn't damage it

Sarah-Jayne Muncaster Got to admit they’re the best I’ve ever taken my car to. I know it’s not the point however at least they’ve admitted it. They didn’t lie & were even honest when approached by reporters from reading the article. Let’s hope they’ve had a shock

Amie Joughin-Mossop I'd be absolutely fuming!