I really hope that everyone who relies on the shipyard for employment, realise Jeremy Corbyn and a Labour Government are not a threat to our local workforce.

Mr Corbyn has campaigned all his life to rid the world of wars, racism and nuclear arms proliferation.

Noble causes that most of us probably agree with, but he’s pragmatic enough to know, unilateral disarmament is not in the best interests of the UK and actually couldn’t scrap Trident even if he wanted to.

And here are three reasons he won’t and can’t:

The Labour members shape and vote on policies and they fully support the Trident programme which is now in the Labour manifesto.

Parliament are ultimately the ones who decide on Trident's future and they voted 472 in favour and only 117 against, so there is absolutely no appetite to scrap Trident among the MPs.

The SNP defence minister said during this month's Trident debate in Parliament, he’s “disappointed Jeremy Corbyn has abandoned the principle of scrapping Trident” so clearly even the other parties acknowledge Jeremy Corbyn isn’t looking to get rid of our nuclear deterrent.

Furthermore a Labour Government will double the number of apprenticeships in the UK creating a fantastic future in the shipyard for many more of our local youngsters.

Paul Griffiths, Barrow