A STUNNED shopper claims she was left looking like she had been beaten up after her Boohoo top dyed her skin purple - and she was still sporting the blueish tinge days later.

Phoebe Exley wore the black £7 crop top on Easter Sunday as she celebrated a pal’s 18th birthday in Lancaster.

The 18-year-old paired the velvet stripe 'burnout' scoop crop top with a light blue leather mini skirt as she visited several cocktail bars with friends in the afternoon.

After 10 hours out enjoying the sun Phoebe and tree surgeon boyfriend Travis Smith, 18, returned home only to discover the teen’s skin was stained a bruise-coloured hue.

Travis scrubbed apprentice business administrator Phoebe’s back in the shower for 10 minutes in a desperate bid to wash it off but was forced to concede defeat.

The teen claims her skin was stained for days and has only just started to fade.

Phoebe from Barrow, said: “The dye that came off was more purple than black, it was the colour of a bruise. It looked like I’d been beaten up.

“I only properly realised what had happened when I got home and took my top off. It had dyed all my bra as well as my skin - it was everywhere.

“My mum took one look at me and asked ‘what on earth have you been doing?’ she was a bit shocked.

“I was shocked too as I didn’t realised it would be that bad, and I was worried it wasn’t going to come off.

“It’s still on now but faded a bit so that’s been on there for a few days."

The teen had bought the top back in November, but waited until the nice weather arrived to wear it out.

Phoebe said: “It was the first time I’d worn it and it was fine while it was on.

“At one point during the night I did ask my friend if my arm looked a bit blue from where it had rubbed the inside of my arm but she just said ‘no you’re being silly’.

“It was then it must have started dying my skin.

“It’s not the look I was going for but I’m going to wash it and see what happens, hopefully that sorts it as I don’t want to be purple again.”

Boohoo have been approached for comment.