SPRING is finally upon us, and when many of us are spring cleaning and decluttering our homes, it may also be a good time to polish up on our finances.

To help, Emma-Lou Montgomery, associate director for Fidelity International, offers five top tips to get your savings into shape so you can look forward to the brighter future you have dreamed of.

1. Pay yourself first.

Whether it's saving more into your pension, or starting a regular investment, make a commitment to set some of your hard-earned cash aside for later use.

While savers can put up to £20,000 into an Isa annually, not everyone will have that much spare cash. For those with smaller savings, investing little and often into an Isa is still beneficial as this will grow into a sizeable pot over time and is tax efficient.

2. Simplify your finances.

Whether you're trying to keep track of several pensions with previous employers, or you've got several different Isa accounts or too many funds in your investment portfolio, it may be time to simplify your finances.

If you're unsure how to do this, perhaps consider chatting to a financial adviser.

3. Save and invest without cutting back on what you'll miss.

Try to slim down your outgoings by cutting back on what you don't use. Do you really use that gym membership? Is your TV package worth the monthly cost?

4. Stay up-to-speed.

Keeping up with important issues and getting to grips with how they affect you will put you in better control of your finances.

5. Review and rebalance when necessary.

Once you've got your savings and investments in shape, make sure you keep them that way.

This may mean adjusting how much you're investing and what you're investing in, if perhaps your investment portfolio no longer matches the level of risk you're comfortable with or isn't meeting the saving goals you have in mind.

Committing to an annual review will ensure you keep on top of your portfolio and know exactly how your investments are performing over time.