TWO girls are waging war on people who leave litter on the street.

Elsa and Joni Chapman, aged eight and seven, have created posters telling litterbugs to clean up after themselves.

The Millom girls made the posters at their grandma’s house and persuaded neighbours to put up them up telling litterers and dog walkers to clean up what they leave behind.

Mum Helen Chapman said the girls, who both go to Haverigg Primary School, did it completely of their own accord but that she wanted to encourage their campaign against littering.

She said: “I came to pick them up from my mum’s house after I finished work to find they had spent the day making these posters.

“They are both quite artistic and like drawing and being creative.

“Elsa has a bit of thing about littering and she notices it quite a lot and comments on it.

“She often asks if we can go litter picking and after she finished the posters we went to the beach and she cleaned bits up and put them in the bin.

“She is on a bit of a mission at the moment.”

The posters were proudly shown off by residents in Devonshire Road.

Mrs Chapman, who lives with the girls at Holborn Hill, said she would support her daughters’ mission.

She said: “I’m really proud of them. I think it’s a great thing and we are really keen to support them.

“It’s probably not how I would want to spend my weekends but it is important to encourage them in their message because it is a real positive for the community."

Mrs Chapman said helping the community was in her daughter Elsa’s nature and said she was keen to discuss issues such as housing homeless people.

“I don’t know what it is but she is quite an empathic girl and likes the idea of helping and supporting people around her in the community," she said.

Angela Dixon, the deputy mayor of Millom, said: “Good on them. They are showing the adults up in tackling the litter problem.

“Millom has become a lot tidier lately but it’s important that people do their bit.

"It’s a bit sad when the children are noticing it.”