LAKES officials have said there is still hope that a popular speedboat event could go ahead this year.

Organisers of the annual Coniston Records Week, which features a series of show-stopping speed boat displays and record attempts, announced this week that this year's event had been cancelled.

Following the withdrawal of the Royal Yachting Association as the national governing body of Powerboat Racing the organisers said they did not have time to undertake the full consultation necessary to obtain ministerial approval to amend the bylaw restricting the speed on Coniston.

However, LDNPA bosses have now said they will continue to look for a solution to allow the event to take place this year.

"We are disappointed to learn this morning that the organisers of Coniston Records Week felt that they needed to inform their members about the likely cancellation of the event for 2019," an LDNPA spokeswoman said.

"However we are committed to working with them to see what alternative options, if any, could be put in place to enable this event to continue in some form in 2019, and certainly for future years.

"Because of the change (to the governing body) we need to work with the organisers to support them in following the required process to enable to vary the bylaws to account for this change and to allow for the event to take place.

"We are very supportive of the event and continue to work with them and to encourage their compliance with national safety regulations for events of this type."