THE Andy Taylor Group are really making waves on the music scene and being hailed as one of the most exciting up and coming young blues acts in the UK.

Tonight the terrific trio are guests of Barrow R&B Club, which is staging the gig at Barrow Underground Music Society.

No doubt, guitarist and vocalist, Andrew Taylor, bass player, Marcus Cordock, and drummer, Dylan Pepper, will show just why they’re so highly regarded and perform a storming set.

Meanwhile, tomorrow night at BUMS its The Incredible Electric Discotheque, featuring house, deep house, soul house, and every house sound you can think of in what promises to be a stunning night of music hosted by DJ Gripper with special guest DJ Dribbler, he of Pure and Red Light Radio, Amsterdam, and Orbital Tour DJ, fame.

Once again, BUMS has been working its magic and has lined up some great acts, including the following Friday, April 12, bringing Richard Colburn and Chris Geddes (aka Belle and Sebastian) to the Carlisle Street venue for a DJ set.

Also coming up on April 19 is Sub:Stance, Journey into Bass w/ Antagonist (Renegade Hardware), an all-day session from 2pm-2am.

On Saturday, April 27, A Certain Ratio take their 40th anniversary tour to the Barrow venue.

A real coup for BUMS, and its programming manager and artistic director Graham ‘Gripper’ Newby told The Mail at the time that as soon as he heard the band might be touring approached them directly. "I spelt out who we are and why we do this. I think the ethos of the venue struck a chord straight away and they agreed to come and play.

“They’ve continued to adapt and move forward, primarily due to their refusal to be pigeonholed and their eclectic influences.

"After 40 years of making music they still sound as fresh as those early Factory days.”

The band released their first, Martin Hannett-produced single for Tony Wilson’s Factory Records in 1979 and following the success of their second single, Shack Up, went on to be hailed universally as pioneers of what became known as punk funk.

ACR celebrate their four decades of music making with the release of a new box set: acr:box, out on Mute on May 3, on vinyl, CD and digital.