YOUR Bard is a pretty daring and innovative take on the Shakespeare authorship question and on the man himself.

Created by prizewinning thespian Nicholas Collett, the show actually poses the question “Did Shakespeare write his plays?”

Deftly designed, the 'did he or didn't he' production offers all to spend a rip-roaring, laughter laden session in the pub with Will, where the Bard will spill the beans on his life on the road as an apprentice actor, the glory days at the Globe as well as his family. Nicholas also puts figures such as Elizabeth 1, Kit Marlowe, and Ned Alleyn in the spotlight too and there’s songs, sonnets and lots of laughs.

The talented Sheffield born and bred actor’s self-penned solo show is the product of 35 years working with the Bard. He has performed Shakespeare with the RSC at the Barbican, in repertory theatres and at international festivals. And with his company, Third Party, he produced 10 of Shakespeare’s plays which toured all over the UK and internationally as far afield as France, Germany and the Lebanon.

Written in 2016 while he was in residency at Escape To Create in Seaside, Florida, Your Bard has toured the UK, appeared at the British Invasion in Kansas City, the REP Theatre in Seaside, and in the Adelaide Fringe 2018.

Nicholas is an award-winning actor, writer, producer and director. He graduated from Birmingham University and then trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, where he won the Comedy Prize.

His theatre work includes the RSC at the Barbican, Bombur in The Hobbit in the West End, plus more than 40 shows in rep under his theatrical belt.

His recent accolades include the Special Performance Award at the Duo Festival, Seoul in 2018 for his role as Counsellor in The Black and White Tea Room, and the British Arrows Gold Arrow for Best Performance By An Actor for the commercial Laptop with Jeff Goldblum. Television enthusiasts might remember Nicholas as Buster from BBC’s Timebusters and as Sylvester the Jester in the new episode of Knightmare for Google Geek Week. He’s also appeared in umpteen BBC Radio Four afternoon plays.

Your Bard is directed by Gavin Robertson and plays the Beggar’s Theatre at Millom on Thursday, April 4. Box office 01229-775677.