Many years ago, I read a book that said Jesus of Nazareth was only one of many ancient “Masters of Wisdom”, such as Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed etc.

I felt a bit confused. As an experiment, I prayed to Jesus to show me if this statement was indeed true. A few hours later, whilst out walking, I saw a huge banner along a church-garden wall. It said “ Jesus said: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except by me.”” This quote was from the Bible (John 14:6). I noted that it did not say that Jesus said, “I...and the Buddha are the Way”; or “I...and Confucius are the Way”; or “I...and Mohammed are the Way” etc.

In other words, Jesus was being unequivocal. He was making an exclusive claim about Himself.

In the early ‘70s, there used to be an Off-Licence in Rawlinson St. Barrow. One evening I went in there to buy tobacco, so as to make a number of spliffs. On the door window I noticed an ink drawing of the face of Jesus, with his eyes closed. As I studied this picture and slowly pushed the door open, his eyes suddenly opened and were staring right at me (like a silk-screen effect)! This gave me quite a start! It felt as if this symbolised Jesus of Nazareth saying to me: “I know what you are doing! There is nothing you can hide from me”. It made me think about my lifestyle, and how, if Jesus truly was “The Way, the Truth and the Life...”, then the focus of my life was not the God-centred lifestyle that he calls all people to follow.

Sadly for me, and my family, the effect of smoking many joints over the years had an effect on my mental health: in 1986, I was “sectioned” with a “schizophrenic-like condition”.

Today, some groups are lobbying for the legalization of cannabis. My experience - and medical evidence - supports the view that cannabis use increases the chances of mental illness. Schizophrenia is no joke. Back then, you may have seen me in Dalton Rd ...talking to myself, dressed in rags, smoking two cigarettes at once and performing little dances. I thought smoking dope was fun...but psychosis is not fun! Fortunately, medication and the positive effects of having Christ in my life have reversed my former condition. Jesus is not only a “Master of Wisdom” - but in my experience He is “The Way, the Truth and the Life”the great Healer and Physician, the authentic Saviour God who truly listens.