ALL eyes will be on Irini Tzortzoglou tomorrow after she cooked up a storm to make it to the final of MasterChef.

Originally from Crete, 61-year-old Irini wanted to present something extra special to the judges of the hit BBC show - and did so through mixing Greek ingredients with British contemporary cuisine.

Irini, who has lived in Cartmel since 2010, spoke about her success after reaching the final of MasterChef’s fifteenth season.

She explained it was her husband who gave her the push she needed.

“It is the best gift I could give myself or my husband could give to me as it was his strong encouragement why I entered," she said.

“I wanted to create flavours which the judges weren’t necessarily used to so I created a British dishes with tastes of Greece.

“The Greek food scene is incredible and I’ve had a lot of support from social media.”

However, it was not all smooth sailing for the Mediterranean chef who said it was to create unique dishes under the spotlight and the watchful eyes of celebrity judge Gregg Wallace.

She added: “It was an amazing experience, and everybody joined together to help each other, but it can get quite stressful being thrown into a kitchen which is completely new to you – especially with cameras pointed right at you.

“I must have said ‘I’m going to cry’ at least once through each stage – it will probably become my catchphrase.”

However, Irini’s ‘baptism of fire’, near-tear experiences and positive attitude paid off as she progressed through each stage, leaving her sitting pretty in the final, which will be aired on Friday.

Regarding any plans post-show, Irini has become inspired by all the messages she received over the course of the show - and is considering writing a diary of her Greek-British dishes.