SO, Mrs May has decided the country shall have a vote to delay Brexit?

This isn’t what the country voted for.

We voted to leave ­— come what may.

There were two options on the voting slip. Remain or leave.

We didn’t vote for a deal or no deal, we didn't vote for what happens next or project fear. We, as a country, voted to leave.

Simple as that.

It seems she is determined to destroy the core of the Conservative Party and in doing so cementing those Labour voters who also voted leave to come together in other political outlets.

Why is it these politicians think they can carry on ignoring the will of the people?

I cannot wait for the next election.

The sooner the better, but God help us should Corbyn get in.

We are in a pretty mess as it stands now but as far as I’m concerned, the country is finished if he becomes PM.

Jim Jenkins, via email