A FORMAL planning application has been submitted to build a takeaway restaurant in Ulverston.

Fast food giants McDonalds has lodged a an application with South Lakeland District Council for a restaurant and drive thru to be built on the outskirts of the town.

The plan is to build the restaurant on land near Booths which is situated on Oubas Hill, adjacent to the A590.

The proposal has divided opinion, with concerns raised over the level of parking availability.

Central Ulverston Councillor, Pauline Halfpenny, expressed her concern over the proposed location of the McDonalds branch.

She said: “Personally I don’t think there is a lot of space on Booths to build a McDonalds.

“There is already a recycling centre there and I don’t want to see that lost because of this proposed plan.

“I’m not sure there is a lot of room for a drive thru which will mean more cars in the area, it’s already a fairly busy area.

“I’m unsure that Booths is the right chosen site for the building but I can see why it was chosen. It’s opposite the A590 and will bring in a lot of customers.”

However, Ulverston councillor Robert Brown welcomed the proposed plans.

He said: “My initial thought is that its proposed site is probably the best place to put it. The only thing which concerns me is the amount of rubbish which a McDonalds may bring with it.

“I don’t think it’s going to cause too much competition with other food places as its targeted to a different age group.”

Cllr Brown said he was optimistic that it would provide extensive jobs for the community.

He added: “It will definitely bring more employment, of both part-time and full-time contracts, which will be very good for the town. It will be a boost for a certain part of the market. Certainly young people will want to go there and stay in Ulverston instead of Barrow.”

Reaction to the proposed plan on social media has been mixed, with one concerned resident writing: “More junk food outlet. More obesity. Heart disease. Some younger kids don’t even know how to use a knife and fork due to being introduced to places like these when at a younger age.”

However, another resident welcomed the plans: “Yes, brilliant news, great for Ulverston and jobs for the young.”

Members of the public and interested parties will be able to formally submit their responses to the plan ahead of it being decided by SLDC's planning committee.