A MAN who breached a restraining order twice in the space of three days has been jailed for a year.

South Cumbria Magistrates Court heard Lee Taylor, 35, of Marsh Street, Barrow, entered a woman's house on Robert Street on December 29 before knocking on the door on New Year's Eve.

He was jailed for 26 weeks for each offence running consecutively.

The court heard the offence was aggravated because it was committed while subject to a community sentence, the defendant has a flagrant disregard for court orders and he is a repeat offender.

The original order was only imposed on December 18, just 11 days before the first breach.

He initially denied the offence and was on trial before changing his plea to guilty during the hearing.

Taylor was also told to pay £200 compensation, £300 costs and a £140 surcharge.