SINGER songwriter Tom Bright is regarded as one of the most hard-working guys in music.

Once an 18 year old pub landlord, now a touring artist, he has already worked and performed with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Tom is heading north on Wednesday, February 27, for a gig at Ruskins at Kendal as part of venue owner Shaun Bainbridge’s series of midweek music nights.

In 2017, London-based Tom featured in The The’s multimedia project, The Inertia Variations, after being asked by Matt Johnson himself if he would do a version of Love Is Stronger Than Death for the movie and album.

Around the same time, he was recording his debut songs, with Mick Jones of The Clash and Big Audio Dynamite fame on production.

At the start of 2018, Tom’s first release Schoolyard Crimes received national radio exposure across one the UK’s best music stations BBC 6Music. Singles Tsunami of Suits and Spiders followed both gaining Tom plenty of plaudits.

While touring Europe and the UK throughout 2018, Tom also curated his own music festival Bright Fest, in association with The Joe Strummer Foundation.

This year promises to be as busy for talented Tom with a new single Storm in a Teacup released this month.

He has a great voice and writes extremely catchy and infectious tunes. He says he’s constantly trying to improve his writing and being more prolific. A far cry from his Mick Jones produced singles of last year, Storm in a Teacup is stripped back, raw and honest as he tackles the important issue of mental health. He's heavily inspired by what’s happening socially - whether it be a social media overload or yet another talent show on Saturday night television.

Tom was raised in Derbyshire and moved to London six years ago, which he says has absolutely flown by. “I still regard myself as a countryside kid, and need regular hits of fresh air and good tap water.”

So, with the single out on February 25 what else is in the musical pipeline for Tom: “The latest tour kicks off in Leeds that day. I’ve got some Netherlands shows in April, and am out to Germany in May with some other exciting goings-on over the summer. I’m writing my socks off, so follow up releases will closely follow.”