I THINK whether you voted Leave or Remain, most people want the present Brexit nightmare to end.

Thousands of civil servants, at the cost of billions of pounds, are being transferred from departments like Education, Health and Justice to work in the Department for Exiting Europe, meaning that 80 per cent of important parliamentary business, aimed at improving citizens’ lives, is not being pursued.

What seems to take priority now is reflected in funding for the EU Exit Emergencies Centre: tackling envisaged emergencies in a no-deal scenario.

Politicians like Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg campaigned for Leave but did not expect to win and as is now clearly evident, had no plan.

No-one would leave their job, house or country if they didn’t have a clear positive plan for the future.

If you listen to their previous promises, they now sound hollow and misleading.

As there is still no plan, this present nightmare will continue for years as our economy continues to decline and the majority of us will continue to become poorer, especially as public services decline.

The only way to end this nightmare and the threat of a return to violence in Ireland is, in my opinion, to end Brexit and remain in the EU.

Helen Webster by email