Furness schools had a wizard time as pupils were bewitched by Potter-fever in celebration of Harry Potter Book Day.

Both Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School and Greengate Junior School were involved in the magical celebration, which was centred on this year’s theme: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Sacred Heart School hosted an evening of magical games, readings from their favourite Harry Potter books, a Hidden Hogwarts Quiz and a game of Quidditch.

Tracey Meedham, librarian at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School said: “All of the children loved it and had a fantastic time.

“We had children posing before a green screen, which we then took photos of and edited so that it looked like they were flying or in a scene within the book. This is the fifth year of us running it and every year it just seems to get bigger and better.

“We just want to bring a bit of magic to the children and to give some children the chance to experience what it feels like to be at the Harry Potter World based in London.

“This year 36 children came and we even had a waiting list of 16.”

She added: “Harry Potter is still as popular as today and many of the children still take the books out of the library.

“Children also have great access to the films on TV so they are just as popular.”

At Greengate School, pupils enjoyed an afternoon at Barrow Library where they were read some extracts from Harry Potter by librarian Cathy Fidler.

The pupils were sorted into the different Hogwarts houses and took part in a Harry Potter-themed quiz,

On their social media page, Greengate School wrote: “We had a lovely visit to Barrow Library to meet Cathy Fidler.

“She kindly read us some extracts from Harry Potter and set us clues to where we were heading next.

“We took time to search the library finding book covers, some of which we hadn’t seen before, we searched high and low.”