UNTETHERED are certainly one of the most interesting multi-instrumental bands gigging around the region.

The way they smoothly fuse the ukulele and trumpet into their song set is particularly adept and quite hypnotic.

Unleashed at Kendal's New Union on Thursday, February 7 (8.30pm), the seven-piece outfit are an entertaining blend of popular, country, blues, folk, easy listening and even rock and roll, who get the punters tapping their feet and singing along in no time.

Based around Kendal, they play an eclectic mix of music in their own style. They select their set to suit the gig and are always up for discussing specific musical requirements with event organisers. With plenty of material to call on they can go on all night.

Songs such as Black Magic Woman, He'll Have To Go, Hoochie Coochie Man, Hotel California, Moondance and Weary Blues From Waiting, are just the tip of UnTethered's musical iceberg.

From pop and rock through to country and blues, with occasional hints of jazz, they play acoustically or with amps, whatever dictates, though they don't class themselves as a loud rock band.

A talented and versatile bunch of players, the line up is Tony Hill on guitar, mandolin, ukulele and percussion; Phil Hull, harmonica, baritone ukulele and percussion; Mick Brookes, bass and guitar; Emily Reed, percussion and ukulele; Robin Andrews, harmonica and percussion; Phil Lewis, trumpet and percussion; and Andy Gillham, eight string and electric ukulele. They all contribute vocals.

Andy said that he'd listened to music all his life but had never had any chance to participate in it creatively: "After retirement I took up the ukulele and joined the Bryce Street Strummers when the group formed nearly six years ago, and I also joined a local choir.

"Since then music has become an increasingly large part of my life. Over a period of time I joined with first two, and eventually six, other players to form the band that is now UnTethered."

If not loud, they're still proud, and all get immense enjoyment from making music together: Added Andy: "We think we have a unique sound which fuses instruments and voices to take a fresh look at some popular and traditional songs."