Did anyone see the “Westminster Farce” programmes on TV recently?

The actors were some half of our so-called Parliament known as “The Government”, and the other half designated “The Opposition”. All produced and directed by a “Speaker”, who incessantly shouts out “ORDER!”.

Contrary to what one might expect, many of the actors don’t seem to understand the meaning of certain words in the English language. And their mathematics is also suspect.

Collectively, those actors are the people elected by the public to manage the UK democratically on their behalf and, particularly in the case of a referendum, to comply with and implement the electorates instructions.

However, on January 15 they illustrated very clearly that visiting a polling booth to vote on June 23, 2016 was essentially a waste of time.

The question asked of voters was if they wished to leave the EU or remain in it. There was no mention of partially leaving or remaining.

A dictionary definition of the electorate’s decision to leave is ‘cease to belong to’, meaning completely; in its entirety!

I would expect even MPs to understand that.

Clearly the only options to leave are (a) with a deal or (b) without a deal.

Certain actors who appear to be only theoretically democratic believe there should be an additional option (c) to remain, in lieu of (b) without a deal.

It should be obvious to Mr Corbyn, and others, that (b) cannot be removed at present if the decision of the electorate is to be fulfilled, because there is no guarantee that a deal will be agreed with either the EU or in UK Parliament, unless Mr Corbyn and others cooperate constructively to produce an agreement acceptable to a majority in the UK Parliament and agreeable with the EU.

From watching this farce it was unclear whether Mr Corbyn or the annual conference determines Labour’s policies. But, since Labour had a conference in September 2018, surely someone must know what policies were agreed regarding Brexit and other matters, and what would be in their manifesto for an election.

Ronnie Rains, via email