HAVING watched the film I, Daniel Blake, I have to say that I knew beforehand that it would have a lot of upsetting scenes, but it was still a real eye-opener.

It’s all based on fact about how many thousands of people who are unable to work due to sickness, disability, or lack of jobs are being treated by the system due to changes brought about by this Conservative government.

Department of Work and Pensions staff treat people in need of help and benefits like they are workshy and pulling a fast one, which simply isn’t the case. Fit for work assessments are being carried out by bureaucrats with no medical qualifications whatsoever. Decisions made by GPs are being overruled, and DWP and government have made it extremely difficult for people in need to get the benefits to which they are entitled.

The attitudes and actions of this government and their MPs towards the sick and disabled is downright disgusting. These same ministers and MPs are happy to take their generous salaries, pensions and to claim expenses for everything from drinks to second homes, but just don’t care about ordinary people struggling to make ends meet.

Can I suggest that all Conservative Party members and voters take the time to watch I, Daniel Blake to see how miserable and impossible they have made life for many?Any one of us could be taken ill or have an accident rendering us physically unable to work. It seems that Victorian attitudes to this day are still well alive and kicking within the Conservative party.

Peter Bates, via email