A BARROW school will be starting their 2019 with a running start as their £180,000 regeneration project gets underway.

Prior to the end of last term, staff at St Pius X Catholic School were already making preparations, readying themselves for the major 10-week regeneration project due to start on 21 January 2019.

The scheme has been recognised as key in the school's continuing development, helping to propel the school forward and to reach its "full potential."

The three main components of the project include a £100,000 development of a new entrance and reception, a £30,000 development of a new playground and a £40,000-50,000 development of new fencing.

Headteacher of the school, Kevin McGoldrick has described these actions as key in creating a "safer environment" for all the children.

The reception will now have a secure area with a hatch into the office providing restricted access into the school. The new boundary fence will also be of highest quality helping to ensure both children stay in and others stay out.

Mr McGoldrick's main point was to "change expectations" of the school and to keep "pushing and raising standards so that the school can reach its full potential."

He also added that following the recent arrivals of new staff members, including two new assistant headteachers they have already seen an improvement at Key Stage One.

He also said: "We know that Key Stage Two improvements will take longer, but we are doing our very best to ensure that all our children leave the school with good results.

"The amount of children attending the school is also increasing, so it is pleasing to hear that people are recognising our improvements."

David Gallagher, chair of governors, said: "There is a clear direction under Kevin and there is a good environment among the children and staff.

"We really want to continue to build on the previous improvements that we've made and we're determined to continue to develop our relationships with the community. We are quite aware of where we are and we are improving."