MINI police officers from a Barrow school were delighted to see one of the newest members of the police team.

14-week-old puppy Echo, headed down to Ormsgill Nursery and Primary School to introduce himself at Mondays (Dec 10) mini police group.

Echo, a Belgian Shepherd, has been in the force since late October and although he doesn't quite look up to the task of striking fear into the heart of any would-be criminal it won't be that long until he does.

Children were invited to stroke and play with Echo, whilst his dog handler PC Glenn Myerscough filled the children in on what his role will be when he gets older.

PC Myerscough said: "He's exceeding all expectations and we are amazed at how quickly he is learning.

"I have had him since he was eight weeks old and for the last few weeks he's met loads of different people, lots of socialisation, as well as doing basic obedience and tracking.

"Right now I still want him be enjoying his time as a puppy as ultimately after one year of training and an eight week course he will be a fully trained police dog."

Michelle Jones, Police Community Support Officer, running the mini police group, said: "It's been great for Echo to come down and see us all, it's important that the children know of the different roles that the police plays.

"Some of the children here already have aspirations of one day joining the police and meetings like this are a great way to expose the children about what we do.

"For example, today we were discussing county lines and what the police are doing to help prevent it."

Mick Cull, headteacher of the school said: "The mini police program has been really positive for the children to see the different roles and different jobs that the police play.

"This is important as the police are doing a serious job out their keeping us safe.

"It was really nice for the children to see and discuss how Echo is trained and what he will be doing.

"It is also one of the key aims of the school to help develop community minded citizens that can go on to benefit and support our society."