A POLICE officer who single-handedly tackled a man stood in the street covered in blood and armed with an axe is to receive a Chief Constable’s Commendation.

Sergeant Kevin Milby is to be commended for his bravery after responding to reports from numerous concerned members of the public of a man carrying an axe and covered in blood in Dalton.

Sergeant Milby confronted the man, now known as Timothy Nickson, urging him to put down the axe but instead he entered a nearby shop.

Sgt Milby followed Nickson inside before single-handedly physically restraining and handcuffing him.

Man charged with attempted murder following Dalton axe attack incident

Further investigation found that Nickson had, shortly before his arrest, forced his way inside an address and attacked a man with the axe, causing life-threatening injuries.

The incident took place in June 2017.

The Mail:

Nickson, 43, was jailed for seven years in November after admitting wounding with intent and possession of an axe.

Preston Crown Court heard how Nickson took an axe to the home of Alan Kendall at around 8pm on June 22 after a row. The defendant used the weapon to launch a sustained attack on the victim.

Dalton axe attack man sentenced to seven years in prison

Nickson was arrested by Sgt Milby in the Express Market store. He was wearing a white T-shirt covered in blood and still carrying the axe.

After Nickson was cautioned, he told the officer: “Well, I chopped him up, so fair enough.” A member of the public stood nearby heard Nickson say: “I’ve killed him, I’ve killed him.”

While Nickson was being apprehended, the victim was located at an address in Broughton Road. He had suffered numerous wounds to his head, some described as deep lacerations.

Dalton axe attacker delivered seven blows to victim's head - court

The court was told Nickson, of Broughton Road, Dalton had got heavily intoxicated that day after losing his job. He was found to be drunk at work, then got arrested for a breach of the peace. He was also suffering from other issues, including depression, debts and grief. He went round to the victim's house, a neighbour and friend, with alcohol.

Nickson become aggressive at the victim's home, he was ejected and then went to get an axe from his house.

The court was told that Nickson delivered seven blows with the axe, and another with the back of the axe which also caused a shoulder injury to the victim.

The Mail: Timothy Nickson

The victim had seven large cuts to his head and had to have 34 stitches or staples.

Sgt Milby's manager Inspector Paul Latham described his actions as a "credit to the whole constabulary".

He said: “Sergeant Milby showed courage and calm professionalism in confronting a clearly dangerous man who had already shown a willingness to use a weapon.

“With members of the public close by, this was clearly perilous situation. However, Sergeant Milby’s swift and decisive actions brought the incident to a safe conclusion.

“The Sergeant’s actions that day are a great credit to the whole constabulary.”

Sgt Milby was not able to attend a ceremony tonight (Dec 6) so will receive the commendation at a later date.