A CUMBRIAN hotel worker has appeared on a billboard in Japan.

Lorna Snowden found herself the unexpected star of an international trade show when her picture was used to promote the event on a 20-metre high video screen in Tokyo and the front cover of brochures given out to the one million-plus visitors over the three-week event.

Lorna was part of a team from Lindeth Howe at Bowness-on-Windermere representing the hotel at one of the world’s largest trade events - the Hankyu British Fair in the cities of Fukuoka and Osaka.

The hotel set up a mini-tearoom at the fair with its freshly made cream teams attracted massive queues. It served a record-breaking 18,000 freshly baked scones.

Lindeth Howe was one of only 25 British firms invited to take part in the annual fair which gives Japanese people the chance to sample British culture and lifestyle.

For the hotel, it was an opportunity to strengthen the Lake District’s reputation as a holiday destination and encourage international bookings for 2019 and beyond.

Lorna, Lindeth Howe’s digital co-ordinator, said the event gave the hotel the chance to have face-to-face conversations with potential visitors.

“The Lake District has huge resonance with Japanese people and the hotel’s Beatrix Potter links are really important to them,” she said.

“One woman had actually travelled several hours from Tokyo to be there, although the most surreal moment was when I was asked to sign someone’s handbag after they’d seen my face as part of the event’s publicity.”

Also representing the hotel was Lindeth Howe’s head chef Chris Davies who oversaw the creation of the mini-tearoom.

He said: “We felt a real sense of responsibility to represent not just the hotel, but also the wider Lake District and the North of England.

“The recreation of the hotel’s interior with the same décor and colour scheme was particularly impressive.”