RUGBY League is in the blood of Ulverston, and it certainly is for Nigel Atkinson.

The town's club is riding high both on and off the field and it's all been under the reign of Nigel as chairman.

And it's for his positive actions and attitude that he has been nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Club fan Bruce Rowland-Smith said that Nigel had changed the dynamic of the town.

He said: "Nigel deserves this accolade because the club and town were in a much inferior position that it is now.

"He has instilled a sense of discipline into the players that was maybe missing in the past. That has permeated into all the players and through out the club.

"But it's not just on the field. Nigel has spearheaded the efforts, especially with the charity boxing nights, which have raised in the region of about £100,000 for the club and a variety of good causes.

"Nigel was the right man for the club when it needed strong leadership and the club and the town owe him a debt of gratitude."

Another of the nominators, Steve Cumberbatch, added: "There were times when behaviour off the field wasn't all that it could have been. Now, the players are model representatives for club and the town.

"He's a role model for everyone at the club, and he's got a group of like-minded people who are doing great things.

"The club has a lot more respect in the town, and a lot of that is down to Nigel's hard work and commitment.

"It's a real family club now and it has a great future and Nigel leads by example."

Andy Whittle, another of the long list that put Nigel forward, said: "Nigel didn't play rugby, but he has the game in his blood now.

"He started with the minis and has done just about every job there is to make the club what it is today.

"He used to run around after sponsorship when they needed the financial support and he has become the lifeblood of the club.

"The club is flying the flag for the town in the national league so it's putting Ulverston on the map.

"And a lot of that is down to Nigel's leadership. He has amassed a fantastic team who are doing fantastic things.

"The club is built in his image and is doing as well as he has done in the 100 years it has been in existence.

"Nigel has led the change in ethos and his efforts thoroughly deserve to be recognised in this way."