One of Windermere’s most popular lounge bar’s launched it’s opening night to introduce a new restaurant and a seasonal themed menu.

Baha, on Ash Street, has been a favourite for visitors since it was founded over a year ago.

The three-storey complex has opened a new restaurant called 18 Ash Street.

The restaurant welcomed local businesses and companies to witness first-hand experience on it’s seasonal themed menu.

Chefs across South Cumbria came to support well-known kitchen boss Kevin Hodge.

Mr Hodge is renowned for his experience and high-end cooking skills in the Lake District.

Stephen Hargreaves, owner of 18 Ash Street, said finding a chef with quality has been difficult.

He said: “The most challenging thing has been finding a top chef who cares about his food.

“Thankfully we have found Kevin - he is superb.

“He is calm, a great leader and popular within the local community.”

Over 60 people were in attendance to sample a range of dry ice dishes for a touch of surprise in the presentation to customers.

Dry ice is used to create bespoke smoke effects for unique presentations.

Punters were blown away by the unique presentation and high quality tasting of the food.

Guests were given various examples of what is to come from 18 Ash Street, with all customers full of praise.

Organisers from Hawkshead Brewery were invited to keep glasses full with various types of gin.

Emma Cross, North West Fundraiser for Teenage Cancer Trust, said the food was outstanding.

She said: “The menu has a lot of variety and the food was amazing.

“Everything I had was a joy to eat and this restaurant is completely different to anything around here.”

The menu consisted of locally sourced ingredients including halibut, beef fillet and venison.

Stephen said the night could not have gone better.

He said: “The response has been very encouraging.

“The chefs did a fantastic job, everything was calm and the feedback was excellent.

“Customers said this is exactly what Bowness has been missing.

“My ambition has always been to bring Bowness up a level to give people something special.”

Speaking about the future of 18 Ash Street, Stephen, who also runs Hargreaves Enterprises, said times are exciting for Baha.

“The night was very good, the comments were all positive.

“There is nowhere in the area where you can go to for food that a little bit special.

“The trick is to get the food right, but the price right.

“From the feedback I have had, the future looks strong for the restaurant.”

Evening food will be served seven days a week, 6pm - 10pm.

Graham Hadaway, Marketing Director, hopes the evening will capture locals to return.

He said: “Everything went really smoothly.

“We hosted the event to spread the word of the menu and the new decor we have.

“Hopefully we have impressed everyone and they will tell people about Baha.”