THIS week I have been on a rabbit hunt. Not in an Elmer Fudd “Kill the wabbit!” way, but in search of the fabled rabbits of Roa Island.

My former colleague Natalie Chapples told me about the rabbits that roam Roa, a colony of domestic-looking and half-tame creatures that have sprung up on the island after a pet rabbit (presumably male) escaped and set about breeding with as many wild rabbits as it could find. A few generations later, there are, according to Natalie, bunnies of all colours and fur types everywhere you look.

Intrigued, my husband and I headed over to Roa Island to see if we could spot any.

But hunting is best done on a full stomach, so we stopped off for food at the Bosun’s Locker before embarking on our mission.

Noses twitching in anticipation, we headed into the cafe at the tail end of the lunchtime rush. On the main road of the island, and just a hop and skip from the sea, the Bosun’s Locker is a phenomenally popular eating place with the folk of Furness - and rightly so.

Inside, it’s cosy without being twee, and with nods to its boating heritage which never stray into that overdone nautical theme.

Settled at a window table we ordered from the comprehensive menu. There’s also a daily specials board. Gammon and chips for Gordon - with both egg and pineapple - while I chose Morecambe Bay potted shrimps, or “shrotted pimps”, as Gordon always insists on calling them. He’s a great fan of spoonerisms, although he’s no shining wit.

Anyway, with a bottle of lager for Reverend Spooner and a great value £2.50 mini bottle of Sauvignon blanc for me, we were in fine fettle - and in even finer fettle when the food arrived.

Gordon’s gammon was great: tender and juicy, with a perfectly fried egg, a sweet pineapple ring, homemade chips, garden peas and a generous side salad. Fabulous value for £6.75, the same price as my potted shrimps.

The Morecambe Bay shrimps were delicious. They’re pricey, as everyone knows, but my portion was generous, given the cost of this local delicacy. Swimming in a hot butter sauce, they were fantastic piled on the thick granary toast which came with them. A large bowl of fresh, crisp salad completed the dish.

For afters, Gordon had his eye on a homemade cheesecake and, while ordering it from the lovely lady who served us, we quizzed her about the island’s rabbits. “Oh, yes, there’s loads of them,” she confirmed, telling us to head towards the boat club if we wanted to spot any.

Gordon wolfed down his cheesecake, which was superb. Fresh berry compote sitting atop a bowl of homemade cheesecake, it was demolished in a matter of minutes. “A really lovely, grown-up cheesecake”, was the verdict.

We left for a stroll down to see the very impressive lifeboat station and to take in the views of Piel Island, which, many years ago, had been the setting for one of Gordon’s stag nights.

Wandering (or, possibly, make that trespassing) into the grounds of the boat club, we peered under a couple of boats. Nothing. How disappointing. And then... I spied a glossy black rabbit sitting munching grass. Then a handsome grey and white Dutch rabbit strolled past, then some more, including a lovely fawn and white one. We were utterly enchanted. The rabbits certainly looked happy - and who wouldn’t, living in such a lovely place?

They all appeared well-fed too. As were we. This had been a truly delightful little trip.

The Bosun’s Locker and bunnies. There’s nothing not to like about Roa Island.

Food 5; Service 5; Value 5; Atmosphere 4.5

Pros: Fantastic value; Everything’s homemade; Parties catered for

Cons: Closed on Mondays as of November