BARROW Street Angels has celebrated its first year of providing support for revellers enjoying a night out on the town.

At the weekend, the team took stock of all the work they have done in the community over the past twelve months as Barrow Police station hosted a celebration party with cakes and other treats.

Barrow Street Angels are a dedicated volunteer group who provide support for people on nights out in Barrow town centre.

They provide support for vulnerable people, including giving flip-flops to women struggling to walk, helping party-goers sober up and can also administer basic first aid.

The team patrols the Cavendish Street area in Barrow from midnight to 4am on Saturday nights and occasionally on more festive evenings.

Reverend Sophie Carnaby, co-ordinator of the Street Angels, said: “We support many people, from people found in alleyways verging on hypothermia, to people having epileptic fits.

“We strive to help keep vulnerable safe who have possibly had too much to drink or for any other reason - we do our very best to care for them.

“We hand out cups of teas, flip flops for any broken heels, bottles of water, even lollipops.

“You might be surprised to hear that lollipops are a great way to diffuse a situation.

“If someone is squaring up to someone else, by simply handing them a lollipop it can really help reduce tensions - it’s so ridiculous, but it works.

“We also monitor people while they are sobering up and we often walk people safely to a taxi rank so they can get home.

“We do administer first aid, but only within our limits.

“The response to our work has been heartwarming - we’ve had parents of teenagers send us thank you cards after we’ve helped them get home."

Sophie said the group was looking for a night base, somewhere along Cavendish Street, that would provide a HQ for their support, particularly through the cold winter months.

If you would like to get involved in the project you can contact Sophie on: