LEADING experts who specialise in renovating dilapidated historic pools believe a restored lido on Grange promenade would have a bright future.

The pool was surveyed by Glyn Lucas, from DG Pool & Leisure Ltd, of Horsham, who specialise in pool plant and have worked on a large number of projects across the UK including the new Portishead Open Air Pool.

Also attending was Clive Moreton from Wrightfield Pools, in Suffolk, whose company restores pool basins all over the world and recently restored the basin at the hugely popular Lido Ponty in Wales.

And Chris Romer-Lee from architects Studio Octopi, London, whose company is currently working on two other lido projects in the UK, including the project to dig out Peckham Lido, said: “It’s stunning. It really took my breath away. It’s in a sorry state but not an irreparable state.”

The visit was arranged by the campaign group Save Grange Lido who have presented a comprehensive business plan to South Lakeland District Council with the aim of restoring the pool as an attraction for the community and a draw for tourists.

And campaigners have handed in a petition to South Lakeland District Council (SLDC).

The council has been consulting on options to give the Grade II facility a “light touch” restoration but have ruled out reinstating the traditional pool, deeming it “unviable”.

But campaign group, Save Grange Lido, argue that the long derelict “Art Deco gem” could become a major tourist attraction on the promenade.

They oppose council plans that the pool should be infilled before being opened to the public.

Pam Parker, representing Save Grange Lido, handed over a 3,135 signature petition at a meeting of the full council sitting in Kendal. And an online petition has so far generated more than 13,500 signatories.

Mrs Parker told the council chamber: “Our supporters would like the Grange Lido restoration to include a swimming pool and for the council to assure us that any restoration without a swimming pool is ruled out.”

Council chairman Eric Morrell thanked Mrs Parker for the document and said it would be considered.

Mr Morrell (Lib Dem, Grange) said: “Obviously we will consider the petition and you will be contacted by officers within 10 working days once the verification process has been completed and will be advised of the outcome.

“If there are 1,000 signatures or more from within the South Lakeland District Council area, the date at which the matter will be debated by the full council will be passed to you.”

Phil Bradby, chair of Save Grange Lido, said: “Alongside SLDC’s plans, Save Grange Lido will raise funds to repair the pool basin and plant to put a working pool back at the lido’s heart. We have been given a budget price for the pool’s restoration and believe raising these funds is entirely achievable.”