New bollards have been installed on a popular Ulverston road to stop lorries and delivery vans parking on pavements, causing widespread damage.

Residents have voiced concern over the state of the pavements in King Street.

Pavements and flagstones have been damaged by HGVs parking on them.

Town councillors have arranged for new blue bollards to be placed to prevent heavy lorries breaking the flags and kerbstones.

Councillor Colin Pickthall, a member of Ulverston Town Council, said it was an easy decision to bring in the bollards.

He said: “The parking has been so bad that they have shamed the pavements behind the war memorial.

"For people looking at the memorial and seeing the state of the pavements, it is not a good impression."

Cllr Pickthall said the cost will be in the thousands.

Cumbria County Council and Highways England have put money in to support the cost of the new work.

Cllr Pickthall added the town council wish to repair the pavements in Ulverston town centre in the future.

He said: "The bollards have gone in first so that is a good thing. The pavements have not been repaired yet.

“If we replaced the pavements first, they would get destroyed by the time we install the bollards, so it would have been a pointless task.

“Our next aim is to repair the flagstones that have been destroyed by lorries.

“It will take some time to do but Ulverston will look a lot better when it’s completed.”