A PROTEST group have been formed to unite angry residents, parish council groups and existing organisations in a bid to end the lifespan of "conspicuous" wind turbines.

Kirkby Moor Protectors (KMP) will present evidence against granting planning approval to Ventient Energy to extend the lifespan of 12 turbines between Broughton and Ulverston.

In December last year, South Lakeland District Council denied the company permission to extend the lifespan of the wind farm until 2027 with six councillors to five voting to block the proposal.

Spokesman for KMP John Hudson, of Broughton, said: "We offer a local dimension to the inquiry process which will add substantively to South Lakeland District Council's evidence.

"We are currently finalising our own preliminary statement and will be meeting with SLDC in the near future to ensure that all argument against the windfarm will be presented effectively to the inquiry inspector.

"Planning guidance has shifted over the last few years and plans for windfarms can now only be approved with the backing of the local community.

"We will be providing evidence to help protect this wonderful skyline landscape and show the turbines are as unwelcome today as when they were imposed on this community 25 years ago."

Earlier this year, the company announced plans to appeal the decision, saying continued use of the turbines would be beneficial to the community and the country's green energy sector.

When first built in 1993 the plan was to maintain the wind farm for 25 years before the turbines were decommissioned and the ground surrounding them reclaimed. Permission for the current wind farm expires at the end of the month.

A spokesperson for Ventient Energy said: "The application is purely to retain the existing windfarm.

"The current layout and size of turbines would remain unchanged and the wind farm would look the same.

"The application was recommended for approval by the Planning Officer and there were no objections to the application from the Lake District National Park Authority and Natural England.

"Having reviewed the planning committee’s decision notice, Ventient Energy has decided to appeal against the decision made, and have submitted an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate."

A public inquiry will be held at the Coronation Hall, Ulverston, from January 22 next year.