RESIDENTS across Cumbria have cast their votes in a number of different elections with results for South Lakeland District Council and Ulverston Town Council all now revealed. 

Elections for the county's Police and Crime Commissioner, a third of the seats on South Lakeland District Council and Dalton by-election town council took place yesterday. A * next to a candidate's name indicates the winner of the elction. 


Dalton South by-election results:

*Labour Shaun Blezzard 595 

Con Des English 415 

UKIP Dick Young 237

Turnout 21.4%

Five candidates battled it out for the position of Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner:

Independent candidate Mary Robinson;

Liberal Democrat candidate Lorraine Birchall;

Labour candidate, Reg Watson;

Michael Pye, who is representing the UKIP party;

Peter McCall is the Conservative candidate.


RESULT Coniston and Crake Valley - *Anne Hall (Conservative) 391, Mark Kidd (Green Party) 49, Val Sykes (Lib Dem)172;

RESULT Hawkshead - *David Fletcher (Lib Dem) 478, Gwen Harrison (Green Party) 50, Ann Myatt (Conservative) 240, David Walker (UKIP) 55;

RESULT Lyth Valley - Kate Barkes (Green Party)30 , Bex Cooper (Lib Dem) 220, Alison Gilchrist (Labour) 34, *John Holmes (Conservative) 482, Stephen Willmott (UKIP) 43;

RESULT Staveley-in-Cartmel - Ben Barker (Green Party) 27, *Sue Sanderson (Lib Dem) 512, Brian Thornton (UKIP) 57, Ted Walsh (Conservative) 220;

RESULT Ulverston Central - *Norman Bishop-Rowe (Conservative) 204, Andrew Hudson (Lib Dem) 64, Chris Loynes (Green Party) 185, Sitting councillor Bharath Rajan (Labour) 187;

RESULT Ulverston East - Judy Filmore (Green Party) 53, Peter Hornby (Conservative) 143, Maureen Nicholson (Lib Dem) 44, Mark Wilson (Labour) 259;

RESULT Ulverston North - Ray Beecham (Lib Dem) 95, Simon Filmore (Green Party) 110, *Helen Irving (Conservative) 252, Judy Pickthall (Labour) 249;

RESULT Ulverston South - Lorraine Birchall (Lib Dem) 44, Joan Casson (Labour) 144, Bob Gerry (Green Party) 45, Peter Richards (UKIP) 59, *Amanda Rigg (Conservative) 268;

RESULT Ulverston Town - Reuben Allonby (Conservative) 137, *John Clough (Labour) 272, Dave Khan (Lib Dem) 42, Bill Shaw (Green Party) 68;

RESULT Ulverston West - Bob Brown (Labour) 158, Gordon Brown (Lib Dem) 58, *Janette Jenkinson (Conservative) 389, Robert O'Hara (Green Party) 34. 


RESULT Ulverston Central - Councillors elected: Bharath Rajan, Paul Smith, Pauline Halfpenny. 

RESULT Ulverston East - Councillors elected: Dawn Smith, Dawn Webster, Mark Wilson. 

RESULT Ulverston West - Councillors elected: James Airey, Janette Jenkinson, Pat Jones.

RESULT Ulverston North - Councillors elected: Helen Irving, Colin Pickthall, Caroline Tennyson. 

RESULT Ulverston South - Councillors elected: Norman Bishop-Rowe, Andrew Butcher, Amanda Rigg. 

RESULT: Ulverston Town - Councillors elected: John Clough, Judith Pickthall, David Webster.