AN explosives expert who examines devices used to carry out terrorist attacks has said Barrow man Ethan Stables had the ingredients needed to make a bomb.

Sharon Broome from the UK government's Forensics Explosives Laboratory (FEL) has been giving evidence as the second week of the trial began at Leeds Crown Court.

Stables is currently on trial at Leeds Crown Court accused of preparing to commit acts of terrorism at a gay pride night at the New Empire in Barrow.

Ms Broome was sent items seized from Stables' Egerton Court flat after his arrest last June.

She was also sent documents including a copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook and a list of Google searches carried out by Stables.

"We deal with all cases in the UK where explosives have been used," she said, explaining the role of the FEL.

"I have more than 26 years' experience of the forensic examination of explosive devices."

Every single criminal or terrorism case that involves explosives, either in Great Britain or involving British nationals overseas, are sent to the FEL where Ms Broome and her colleagues examine their credibility.

She described some of the household items which could be used to make a credible explosive including camping gas fuel, bleach, match heads, carbon dioxide canisters and Vaseline.

Prosecution barrister Jonathan Sandiford asked Ms Broome to watch the police bodycam footage taken by police during the search of Stables' flat.

She said: "My attention was drawn to the carbon dioxide canister and the match heads on the table.

"In the past we have had canisters like that used in small devices as a container used to hold explosive material, some of which have exploded, which is why it was of interest to me."

Ms Broome told the jury that the bomb-making instructions found in the flat and on Stables' phone "were credible" and could be used to make an effective explosive.

She said that while the amount of match head composition found in the flat was relatively small it would still have the potential to create an explosion.

Ms Broome is set to be cross-examined by defence barrister Patrick Upward QC this afternoon.

Stables denies preparing to commit acts of terrorism. The trial is due to conclude this week.