THE fight to bring down the Kirkby Moor wind farm has been reignited after its owners appealed to extend its life by another 10 years.

In December last year South Lakeland District Council planners denied Ventient Energy permission to extend the lifespan of the wind farm until 2027.

Six councillors to five voted to block the company's proposal, siding with the wider community in what had become a bitterly divisive issue.

Today (6) Ventient said it intended to appeal the decision saying extending its lifespan would be beneficial for the community.

SLDC member for Furness, Cllr James Airey, remains vehemently opposed to any plan to continue operating the turbines past their 25 year lifespan.

He said: "I think it is a deliberate tactic by the company. We had a clear decision by the committee who listened to the many many residents at the planning meeting, but also residents who objected to the continued use of the wind farm online.

"My residents and those in other areas will be disappointed but ultimately not shocked. We will continue fighting this application."

When first built in 1993 the plan was to maintain the wind farm for 25 years before the turbines were decommissioned and the ground surrounding them reclaimed.

Ventient Energy in appealing the planning decision say continued use of the turbines will result in a net gain for the community, as well as contribute to the country's green energy sector.

Scott Mackenzie, CEO at Ventient Energy, said: "We were disappointed with SLDC's decision to go against the planning officer’s recommendation by narrowly voting to turn down our application to support the continued running of the existing Kirkby Moor wind farm for a few more years.

"We have decided to appeal the decision based on the many economic, social and environmental benefits the wind farm delivers to the local community and beyond.

"Kirkby Moor wind farm generates clean, green energy and supports the local community through the annual community fund, providing in-kind and financial support to the Mountain Rescue who use our equipment on site as well as support to the local economy."

The matter will now go before a government appointed planning inspector who will make a final ruling on the application.