A FLOOD of support has been given to a Barrow-born songwriter who is set to perform his latest single to his biggest audience yet at London Pride.

Musician Jack Hawitt will be performing ‘Louder’ to thousands of people on the main stage at London Pride on July 2.

The song officially released on Friday.

Jack said ‘Louder’ is all about stubborn love and was written from personal experience after he and his partner had an argument one night and did not make up before going to bed because they were both too stubborn to say sorry.

Jack said: “It’s quite a conversational song and I think it’s quite a relatable situation.

“I’m excited to play it live for the first time at London Pride on the main stage.

“I was made up when I got asked to perform. It’s going to be huge.

“The organiser approached me a couple of years ago when they saw me performing at the NED in London for the New Music Monday Night but Pride got canceled due to Covid. They asked me to play at Canada House for a pride event for diplomats of the LGBTQ community from around the world and then asked me to play London Pride this year."

The song has proven a great hit with readers.

Metcalfe Wood Sharon said: “Beautiful song x”

Deborah Henry said: “Ooo well done Jack... I love playing your music on CandoFM... The world needs more of you.”

Derian Tranter said: “That’s amazing Jack Hawitt xx”

Cyndi Cottrell said: “Barrow rocks.”

Katie Crowe said: “Fantastic Jack. X”

Julie Minion said: “Well done Jack! X”

Laura Kendall said: “Sue Hawitt you must be so proud.”

Sue Hawitt, Jack’s mum, responded: “Laura Kendall oh thank you yes I definitely am.”