THERE aren’t too many 10-year-old boys around like Felix Cooper.

Where most children of his age were on holiday, or playing out or on their Xbox, the Penny Bridge CE Academy was out on his bike – in the Hebrides.

The group completed the challenge in five days amid testing conditions as they cycled from the Hebridean island of Barra to Applecross on the mainland, taking 11 islands, six causeways four ferry rides along the way.

So, moved was he by the story of a family friend who had been poorly, he decided to join his dad Will and a group of others to do a 300-mile tour of the Hebrides to raise money for the nurses who helped her during her treatment.

Speaking after event, his dad William Cooper, who rode alongside his son, said: “He did so well on the ride and took everything in his stride and did not complain once.

“Some of the team may have though that he would be a hindrance because of his age, but he did amazingly well in keeping up with everyone.

“Any doubts they had would have disappeared on the first day. He did so well - the only thing he complained about was that we had to do in stages.

“It was quite emotional when we got to the top of a climb towards the end and considered what we had done. It was quite ridiculous when you think about it.”

His mum, Mel Tyson, said it was typical of her son who has a big heart and is already planning to raise money for mental health in the New Year.

She said: “As soon as he heard the story of our friend, he said he wanted to do something to help.

“And he did an amazing job. To ride 300 miles at that age on a tour when you’re the youngest rider by at least 25 years is just incredible.

“But he did it and he is hungry to do more. That’s the kind of boy he is. He has a big heart and even more stamina.

“The other riders in the group were really impressed with how well he did. He loves to cycle and he took the challenge on.

“So, for him to be nominated for a Heart of Ulverston Award makes us as his parents and Felix incredibly proud.

“The people of Ulverston will decide on the winner, who ever it will be, and it’s a fantastic achievement just to be nominated.

“But he is riding in May to raise money for mental health so he’s far from finished with his fundraising activities.

“He’s really got a taste for it now and he is really looking forward to do it so if there are any volunteers please let us know.”