REPORTERS and Journalists from The Mail Community came together for their Community Christmas Carol Service in 2015.

The service took place at St James’ Church in Barrow and was opened with a special church choir made up some of the local area’s most talented singers performing Creator of the Starry Height.

The congregation was welcomed with an opening reading from The Reverend Jack Knill-Jones, team rector of north Barrow.

The ceremony was attended by the younger generation of singers who took centre stage.

The children of St James’ CE Primary School sang alongside the church choir for The Very Best Time of Year by John Rutter.

Church choir conductor, Mark Latimer, and organist, Colin Dean, had assisted in the choir’s music ring around St James’ walls.

The school choir then put on their own vocal style, as they sang a unique and jazzy new version of Away in a Manger.

Using their instrumental skills, the School Hand Chimes Ensemble performed Joy to The World.

After a reading from St James’ School headteacher, Angela Rawlinson, the school choir rounded off their night with renditions of Girls and Boys, followed by Calypso Carol.

The Mail editor, James Higgins, took the sixth reading of the evening from the Gospel of Matthew.

Following the reading from Mr Higgins, The Reverend John Hodgkinson treated the congregation to two passages from Titus.

The Mail had also held a raffle for Jo’s Appeal in memory of journalist Jo-anne Davies, who had passed away in August that year after a long battle with ovarian cancer.

Mr Knill-Jones pondered the great unity in Cumbria in the wake of the recent floods that had recently occurred and how much more the county had to offer.

He said: “The story of calamity has become real, but so has the community response to those whose homes, whose communities have been flooded over the past weeks.

“For those who have lost, this Christmas will bring both sadness and happiness.

“When there is a quiet moment this Christmas, you may ask yourself which ethic, which way of life can better transform the way we live?”

After Mr Knill-Jones’ address, the church choir performed their final solo piece of Noel! Noel! by Mack Willburg

The service was very well attended that year and created a powerful atmosphere which helped create a sense of unity among the congregation.