BARROW’S Christmas of 1992 brought out the full spirit of the season as local residents saw a variety of events on offer to celebrate Christmas.

In December, Coronation Street star Jack Duckworth (alias actor Bill Tarmey) arrived in Barrow to switch on the town’s Christmas Lights.

His arrival attracted hundreds of residents to visit their icon.

The hen-pecked character turned on the switch at the gazebo set up on Dalton Road and remained with the crowd to sign autograph after the ceremony.

Malcolm Hartley, store general manager of Barrow Co-op, was delighted at capturing the major television personality.

He said: ““It will pull a lot of people into Barrow and while they’re here they will hopefully looks at the town centre.

“Getting a big star was something the Barrow and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce thought of doing last year, but there weren’t any funds available.”

In that same year, residents between the age of six to 60 stood in the cold and windswept air of Barrow streets awaiting the arrival of Father Christmas.

The children were excited and cheered as Santa passed down the road and brought in the Christmas season.

That Christmas was also a memorable one for two-year olds Kimberley Blackley and David Minnican who visited the Nellie English Dance School for their Christmas party held at the Forum 28.

More than sixty youngsters were in attendance of the celebration of the Barrow based dance school.

Disabled residents of Barrow were also treated to a special opportunity for a shopping spree at the festival season approached.

The disabled shopping afternoon was arranged by Furness Lions Club, with the help of Alfred Barrow School and Barrow Amateur operatic society.

Millom Salvation army joined in the occasion to provide a festive atmosphere with a selection of Christmas Carols for the shoppers.

Shoppers were assisted by Asda store manager Pat Shields, and President of Furness Lions Club Tom Ashley.

Askam Primary School put on their yearly school play and enjoyed a successful run with their Nativity play.

The show was memorable as Haley Shepherd and Andrew Brown took on the parts as Mary and Joseph.

While Father Christmas has a long list of presents to deliver, Sophia Lau, 7, and Sarah Lau, 11, from Millom were brought to the front of the queue when they visited Father Christmas at the Safeway store.