CHARITIES, councils and groups of volunteers  have made sure that the bulk of South Cumbria’s unwanted Christmas trees have been recycled for some good purpose over the years - rather than just dumped.

The Mail, on January 4 in 2001, noted: “Christmas tree recycling is off to a flying start in Barrow. When shredded, the festive firs will be used in the parks and gardens of the town.

“Two years ago Barrow won the Going for Green national tree recycling competition. Last year it came third.”

There were a series of tree recycling compounds around the borough,including Vickerstown Park on Walney and Dalton Leisure Centre, which were run by the council’s contractors Continental Landscapes.

Barrow council recycling officer Alec Proffitt encouraged people to make use of them.

He said: “Not only are you doing your bit for the environment but you will be helping Barrow’s open spaces look more attractive.”

Barrow won its tree recycler award at the start of 1999 when the borough managed to collect 14 tonnes - more than 8,000 Christmas trees - and turned them into mulch for gardens and parks.

This had been an increase of 11 per cent on the previous year.

In 2001 Ulverston was making use of its unwanted Christmas  with the help of a new chipping machine.

The Mail, on January 12, noted: “An area has been fenced off at Ford Park where the trees will be shredded and used for landscaping within the grounds.

“The shredder, provided by South Lakeland Council as part of the Community Composting Project, will be used throughout the year and run by the Ford House committee and the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers.

“It will mean residents without gardens will be able to take their kitchen waste to Ford House.

“BTCV will store, maintain and operate the shredder and each year will shred Christmas trees."

The project had been helped by Furness and Cartmel Day Services and CumbriaCare who had sent volunteers out to distribute leaflets and posters.