HERALDRY, knights and mad monks made a return to Furness in 2002 as youngsters found out about life hundreds of years ago.

The Mail, on Tuesday, June 18, noted: "A primary school transformed itself into a medieval village as children were given the opportunity to take a step back in time.

"Children and teachers from Chapel Street Infant School, Dalton, dressed up in medieval clothes and enjoyed a day of dancing and music.

"The whole school took part in plays and dancing with the reception class performing a ribbon dance.

"One of the school governors was even brave enough to be locked in the stocks and have sponges of water hurled at her by children.

"The initiative was the final stage of the school's history week.

"Parents were also invited along on Friday to join in and watch their children experiencing a history lesson with a difference."

Headteacher Avis Edmondson said: "It was a great day despite the bad weather.

"Everyone involved really enjoyed themselves."

A similar event featuring costumes, games and dancing had been held at the school in June 1999 as part of a medieval week.

Dalton gets a mention in the Domesday Book compiled for the new Norman rulers of England.

The community's name was written as Daltune and it was one of the townships forming the Manor of Hougun held by Tostig.

Dalton became prosperous in the 1100s, thanks to the wealth and modernising influence of the Cistercian monks of Furness Abbey.

The abbey was founded in 1123 by Stephen, then Count of Boulogne and Mortain and later King of England, from 1135 to 1154.

Dalton became established as the judicial and economic centre of the monks - who had land and business interest far from Furness.

The abbey’s possessions included most of the great peninsula of Furness peninsula, including forests and rich agricultural land.

Dalton gained its Royal Charter in 1239 to hold a market and fair.

It was also the base of manorial government and tenants would bring disputes over rents to be settled.

Dalton's Castle served as jail and court house.