GOLF can be a cruel sport – you play so well and then your game deserts you just when it is required most.

In the final round of the US Open, it was sad to see Lee Westwood and Shane Lowry drop back so much (especially Westwood, as I thought I might have finally picked a winner).

But full credit goes to Dustin Johnson, who came from behind to win.

His golf was fantastic. I’ve heard some stats about his driving length – apparently the first five drivers he hit in the final round covered more than a mile.

His bogey-free first round of 67 stands out as one of the best rounds I’ve seen.

It was the first bogey-free round in a US Open since Loren Roberts managed it in 1993, and it just shows how tough the USGA set up the course.

Our quest for the Open Championship ended this year at regional qualifying, with our local entrants unfortunately missing out.

Gareth Butcher and I both missed the mark at West Lancs after battling the early morning wind and rain, only to see the sun come out for the later starters.

Chris Kendall missed out at Fairhaven and Luke Walker was unfortunate to miss out at Moortown in a play-off for the final of the five spots in final qualifying that were available.

It’s back to the practice ground for another year until we get the chance to qualify again.