CUMBRIA Ladies ended their season with a strong victory against a good Cheshire side.

The results means they remain in Section One of the county structure.

The home side, playing at the Co-op, could only manage to claim four games, but each was won to single figures for a seven-chalk aggregate success.

The rest of the team supported by having double-figure scores in defeat.

Debbie Hall, 21-4, Julie Creighton, 21-7, Marian Alexander, 21-9, and Marion Woods, 21-10, all triumphed.

There were defeats for Caroline Bushell, 21-13, Glenis McDonald, 21-19, Thelma McBratney, 21-17, Wendy Holmes, 21-16, Elaine Ryland, 21-8, Lorna Rigg, 21-15, Jessica Pickthall, 21-17, and Emma Thornton, 21-16.

The away team had an amazing result at Warrington, where they won nine of the 12 games and took the match by 43 chalks, for an overall 50-chalk triumph.

Cumbria coped well with a tricky green, and Christine Ainscough had the best result, 21-7, closely followed by Margaret Leech, 21-10.

The other wins came from Jane Glaister, 21- 19, Anne Anderson, 21-16, Christine Ainscough, 21-7, Laraine Keating, 21-15, Gill Simm, 21-14, Margaret Leech, 21-10, Joyce Foxcroft, 21-18, Gillian Balderstone, 21-14, and Violet Dennison, 21-14.

Doreen Robinson, 21-16, Diane Harrison, 21-15, and Jenny Taylor, 21-13, fell to defeat.