BARROW'S skyline has a different look about it as three of its most distinctive structures from the past 50 years are being brought down.

Work started at Holker Street on Monday morning to bring down a trio of floodlight pylons which have graced the ground since 1963.

The erection of four new stanchions in the past few weeks have rendered the old pylons obsolete, after 54 years of illuminating the football action from close to 30m above the pitch.

Contractors Direct Sports Lighting returned to the ground with a specialist crane and cutting equipment to bring down three of the four pylons – with the fourth remaining in place as it also functions as a mobile phone mast.

The light in the corner of Wilkie Road and the Crossbar End was the first to come down, with the hope that all three would be removed by the end of Tuesday at the latest. DSL hoped the work could be completed in a single day.

“I don't think there have been any problems, they are just working on how to get them removed,” said AFC managing director Andrew Casson as the first of the pylons came down.

“They are thinking they will get all three done today, but given the difficulty of access with the two at the Holker Street End, if they were to bring one of the two down today, then that would be a pretty good job. Then they would get the last one down tomorrow.

“They should be able to use the Popular Side pylon down from the taxi bay, but not necessarily the other one.”

Once the pylons are removed, the club will work on tidying up the areas where they all stood, and fans will be able to stand in their footprints.

The new lights, which were completed last week and partially tested on Friday night, will be utilised for the first time in Barrow's home match against Guiseley on Tuesday, September 12.